Is GST is really coming on 1st July ?

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Is GST is really coming on 1st July ?

From all around the web, you are listening updates on GST and getting GST update in your inbox regarding GST implementation in India from 1st July 2017. But Whether is it becoming really happen that GST is implementing from 1st July 2017 ?

So Let’s do discussion about GST implementation from 1st July 2017.

First we have to understand What GST needed to be implemented from 1st July 2017 in all over India ? As we are talking about ONE NATION ONE TAX – GST

For GST implementation effectively from 1st July 2017, there are three main important factors are needed to be considered.

1.  GSTN ReadinessFor effectively GST implementation, GST Network infrastructure is to be ready for getting heavy load of database and heavy load of users. As we are transforming our paper return to paperless return. And Till now, Each and every state had different their website portal on which VAT returns is to be filed, and now all the GST returns are to be filed on single portal. For effective GSTN, GSP- GST Suvidha Provider has been selected and these GSP will be linked to ASP (Application Service Provider ) through “APIs”. All GSP and ASP will be linked to GSTN. Through these GSP and ASP, we can file GST Returns. 

2. SGST Act implementation : To be effectively implementation of GST in all over India, all states need to be passed “State Goods & Service Tax Act” in all states. Unless and Until, all states passed SGST Act, GST cannot be implemented. As GST Input tax credit is to be available to each and every dealer and service provider even if he purchase goods from any state. And you know 13 states have already passed SGST Act. List of States who have passed SGST Act is as below : 1. Telangana 2. Bihar 3. Rajasthan 4.Jharkhand 5. Madhya Pradesh 6. Chhattisgarh 7. Uttarakhand 8. Haryana 9.Gujarat 10. Odisha 11. Assam 12. Arunachal Pradesh 13. Maharashtra So There are 29 States and 7 Union Territories in India. So remaining states will pass SGST Act shortly. 

3. GSTN Portal Working Preview :  For India getting GST ready and for effective implementation of GST, we should have a practical learning view of GST Portal. As GST is to be implemented on 1st July 2017 and we all know we have to file 3 number of GST returns in a month and For missing of every return there is penalty of Rs. 5000/-, we should have a practical learning view. GSTN has already launched GSTN Prototype of GSTN Portal for return filing and payment. And government, GSP,ASPs and Professionals are working together towards simplification of GST compliance procedures.

So On the basis of above points, we can say that we are going ready for GST and GST is effectively going to be implemented from 1st July 2017.

These are all my personal views and opinions on the basis of facts. Anyone have more views,

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